We combine the best parts of the following curriculums to give our students a high quality education:

    * Creative Curriculum

    * SD Early Learning Guidelines

We also closely use the RC Area School District Guidelines to ensure that our preschoolers will excel in kindergarten.  


Fit-n-Fun Preschool prides itself on an individual, child-based curriculum that is aligned with the school district and state standards to prepare our kids for kindergarten.  We have taken a tailored approach to our teaching and allow our teachers to teach based on the childrens' interests. Using this approach allows us to spread the learning over the time spent in preschool to focus on all of the high points of each curriculum. We use an individualized assessment tool for each child that allows us to be sure each child is progressing the way he or she should.

Throughout the school year, our staff work diligently to build a portfolio for each child that encompasses all projects, pictures, and assessments completed. Upon graduation in May, the portfolio is given to the child.